Determination of pressure drop correlation using experimental techniques has been a central topic of research in the area of pneumotransport. However, the objective of the present investigation is to apply the mathematical model (SK model) developed by the author [1,2] along with other correlations [3–5] to estimate pressure drops for conveying varieties of grains through horizontal pipe and compare the values with the experimental results of Siegel [6]. The SK model has also been utilized to calculate pressure drops for conveying mustard seeds pneumatically through horizontal, inclined and vertical pipes and compare the values with the experimental results of Rose and Barnacle [7]. It is evident from various comparisons shown in this paper that the SK model predicts the values of pressure drop accurately as compared to the experimental results in all the cases of grains transport through horizontal, inclined, and vertical pipes, whereas, other correlations do not predict accurate results consistently in all cases.

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