Two-phase pressure drop across a straight test pipe was experimentally determined for high Reynolds (Re) number steam having an average flow quality range of 0.995 to 1.0, where flow quality is defined as the weight fraction of the vapor in a two-phase mixture. This flow regime is representative of most steam plant piping hydraulic conditions during full power operation. The testing described has been performed in order to reduce uncertainties associated with the effects of two-phase flow on pressure drop. In addition to moisture carryover from the steam generator, two-phase flow develops in steam piping because a small fraction of the steam flow condenses due to heat loss to the surroundings. A recent comprehensive survey of the literature published by Tong and Tang (1997) identified no applicable sources of information of two-phase flow pressure drop data near the design range of interest. The two-phase flow pressure drop data obtained in this test has enabled the development of a design correlation between friction factor, Reynolds number, and flow quality.

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