We present the application of Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD) and Linear Stochastic Estimation (LSE) based low-dimensional methods to the flow over a backward facing ramp with an adjustable flap above the ramp which allows for dynamic variation of the adverse pressure gradient. There is a range of flap angles where the flow is incipiently separated so that this relatively simple experiment can be used to flush out ideas for active feedback separation control strategies. The study utilized a combination of PIV and multi-point wall pressure measurements to estimate the full velocity field (mean plus fluctuating) from a modified complementary technique. Specifically we want to identify a low-dimensional mean flow to observe when the profiles are inflectionary, i.e., the incipient condition, just from wall pressure. We demonstrate via this method, that a reasonable estimate of the low dimensional full velocity field can be obtained. This is important for practical active feedback flow control strategies since from wall pressure we can estimate the state of the flow without resorting to probes in the flow.

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