An experimental investigation was conducted to determine the effect of the vaneless diffuser width on the unsteady flow performance of a centrifugal compressor stage. Two compressor configurations with different vaneless diffuser width were investigated at four different impeller speeds and compared in the frequency and time domain. Only one diffuser rotating stall but different types of impeller rotating stalls were detected. The experiments show that the diffuser has a strong influence on the flow in the impeller including in areas way upstream. Analysis of the results indicated: • With increasing diffuser width the onset of impeller rotating stall was shifted to lower flow rates. • With increasing diffuser width the frequencies of the rotating stalls decreased. • There is a common tendency in most of the experiments to lower numbers of rotating cells with increasing relative speed. The impeller rotating stalls can be subdivided in a slow pattern with a relative speed to the impeller of 0.21 to 0.29 and a fast pattern with a relative speed of 0.50 to 0.56. This occurrence of two rotating pressure patterns confirms analytical results presented in previous investigations.

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