A new precision cross-cooling strategy is developed for IC-engines to contribute to lower exhaust emissions, better fuel-economy, better engine durability and compact packaging. The heat transfer is increased by 40% in the inter-bore regions and by 160% on the exhaust valve-bridges. The cylinders are also cooled more equally. The pressure drop decreased by 26% and the flow increased by 60%. The pumping power for the whole system decreased by 9% and in addition due to some 4% reduction of thermal waste, up to 2% improvement in engine efficiency can be assumed. Increased flow also facilities enhanced performance for the radiator and cab-heater. The investigation was done by CFD and verified by measurements in engine test-bed. By displaying up to 28°C decrease in the inter-bore region and up to 15°C decrease in the valve-bridge region, the tests confirmed the CFD-predicted improvements.

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