We investigate numerically the breakup of an axisymmetric jet into drops in liquid-liquid systems, specifically focus on multiple node breakup, where more than one node of the most unstable wave becomes one drop. The unsteady Navier-Stokes equations for incompressible Newtonian fluids are solved with a Front-Tracking / Finite Difference method. Various combinations of the non-dimensional numbers (Re = 80, 160, 320; We = 5, 8; Fr = 4, 8, 32, ∞) are examined for constant ratios of density (ρc, ρj = 1.25) and viscosity (µc, µj = 1). Capillary waves grow on the jet surface and the multiple node breakup is observed in all cases examined. A “shoulder” is observed on the jet right behind the bulb when the double-node breakup occurs. Unlike the breakup of a jet in air, vortical motions in the external fluid affect the breakup process.

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