Results of numerical and experimental investigations of turbulent jet from a round ribbed tube are presented. The round ribbed tube is a coil-inserted tube. The ratio of the coil wire diameter to the tube inside diameter, d/D, is 0.1 and the ratio of the coil pitch spacing to the tube inside diameter, p/D, is 1.2. The coil is placed inside the tube such that it terminates at the tube outlet. The standard k-e turbulence model along with the control volume method is used in the numerical calculations. The numerical results provided more insights into the flow characteristics in the radial planes. Results show that the coil inserts generates a weak swirl at the tube outlet that dissipates at an approximate distance of X/D = 1 where at this location the generated free vortices off the coil become the main mechanism behind the entrainment and mixing process. Comparisons of the numerical and experimental results show over estimation of the results by the numerical method.

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