The study of supercavitating projectiles has become an important research subject in the last years and some experimental results are presented here, obtained on supercavitating projectiles fired horizontally into a small test reservoir (1 × 0.5 × 0.5 m3). During these tests spherical, cylindrical and truncated cone projectiles were fired with velocities from 600 to 1000 m/s. The experimental results are compared with the OTi-HULL code (a penetration code of continuum mechanics, useful here but not very well adapted) and with Levinson’s and Serebryakov’s formulas. The comparison shows that: 1) the HULL code underestimates the cavity width by 20 to 40% except for the spherical projectiles, 2) the widths obtained with the Levinson and Serebryakov formulas are close to one another but are also inferior to the experimental values (nearly 10%), 3) the experimental drag coefficients approach the theoretical ones but the HULL code overestimates the drag by nearly 10 to 20%. These experiments confirm the feasibility of these tests at ISL and they will be continued in a larger reservoir.

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