Numerical methods are available in different forms. There are codes, which are developed by universities or offered by companies for commercial use. It is still a problem for the user to determine the quality of a numerical method. In many cases, a code is applied for the development of turbomachinery components and the detailed question arise how the quality of a numerical solution of a flow through a turbomachinery component can be determined. It is the subject of the present paper to describe a strategy for this task. There are two different approaches. For the first numerical results are compared to those, which are based on an analytical model and dimension analysis. In the present paper an analytical model is introduced, which can be applied for the estimation of the flow losses inside a radial impeller in dependence of the geometry and the swirl on the suction side. The results of the model are compared with the results of numerical solutions and the differences are discussed. The second approach contains the application of the Richardson extrapolation. By the application of this technique it is possible to find out the order of a numerical method and to perform considerations concerning the accuracy of the solution in dependence of the mesh resolution.

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