Wet gas flow meters are used in the gas flow meter manufacturing industries as a reference meter. Also those meters are used for gas flow measurement in many areas. Oil is suggested for sealing fluid in a wet gas flow meter. But water is used because of cheap and easy handling fluid in the industries. In this case, the inlet gas flow rate is different with the outlet gas flow rate because the evaporation of water in the chamber. It is important to estimate the rate of water evaporation and effects on flow measurement error. The humidity of wet gas in the outlet of a flow meter was measured. Flow measurement error due to water evaporation is about 2%. Those results will be useful for flow measurement error reduction of wet gas flow meter using water as sealing fluid. The new developed wet gas meter measured pulse and frequency in encoder through magnetic coupling between the chamber and an encoder. The flow quantity was compensated with adjustment of flow rate error. So the rangeability and error of flow measurement were enhanced remarkably.

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