As part of a research program initiated at ONERA with the aim to improve methodology for ramjet combustion chamber design and tuning by using validated CFD codes, an experimental study of the high speed flow inside the duct section of a 3D research ducted rocket combustor was conducted. A 2D Laser Doppler Velocimeter was used to deduce velocity profiles and turbulence characteristics in the horizontal and vertical mid-sections of the combustor duct. Based upon these data, the flow field structure, and in particular the recirculation zone in the dome region, was characterized. Comparison between the results obtained in non-reacting and reacting flow cases is discussed. Comparison between seeding particles velocities and soot particles velocities produced by the flame is also discussed here. An image sampled from one of the flame movies recorded using a high speed digital video camera (1,000 and 4,000 i/s) is briefly presented.

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