Fluidized beds are used in a wide range of applications in gasification, combustion, and process engineering. Multiphase flow in such applications involves numerous uncertain parameters. Uncertainty quantification provides uncertainty in syngas yield and efficiency of coal/biomass gasification in a power plant. Techniques such as sensitivity analysis are useful in identifying parameters that have the most influence on the quantities of interest. Also, it helps to decrease the computational cost of the uncertainty quantification and optimize the reactor. We carried out a nondeterministic analysis of flow in a biomass reactor. The flow in the reactor is simulated with National Energy Technology Laboratory’s open source multiphase fluid dynamics suite MFiX. It does not possess tools for uncertainty quantification. Therefore, we developed a C++ wrapper to integrate an uncertainty quantification toolkit developed at Sandia National Laboratory with MFiX. The wrapper exchanges uncertain input parameters and critical output parameters among Dakota and MFiX. We quantify uncertainty in key output parameters via a sampling method. In addition, sensitivity analysis is carried out for all eight uncertain input parameters namely particle-particle restitution coefficient, angle of internal friction, coefficient of friction between two-phases, velocity of the fluidizing agent at the inlet, velocity of the biomass particles at the inlet, diameter of the biomass particles, viscosity of the fluidizing agent, and the percentage of nitrogen/oxygen in the fluidizing agent.

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