Studying of injectors with non-circular geometries has recently come to the spotlight of researchers as a potential technique to improve the liquid injection characteristics of different systems. In this work, the flow physics and breakup of two-dimensional liquid jets issued from flat slits into still air were experimentally investigated. Three injectors with aspect ratios of 30, 60 and 90 and thickness of 0.35 mm were manufactured to obtain two-dimensional liquid flow at the nozzle exit. The tests were performed for a wide range of volume flow rate, varying from 10 L/h to 240 L/h. Backlight shadowgraphy and high speed photography were employed to capture the flow dynamics of the jets. In order to capture every detail of the flow, photos of the liquid jet were taken from two views with 90° from each other. Using the visualizations, different regimes of the jet flow were explored and a regime map was proposed to distinguish these regimes based on the non-dimensional parameters of the liquid jet. Moreover, quantitative description of the main features of jet flows were obtained using an in-house image processing program. Measurements of different parameters including convergence length, maximum width, breakup length, sheet thickness to name a few, were conducted.

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