Digital in-line holography (DIH) has been applied to measure the 3D position of objects in a variety of applications, including bubbles and droplets in multi-phase flows, tracking particles in turbulence flows, etc. In addition to the 3D position, the morphology and dimension of the individual particles can also be extracted from the recorded hologram. In this study, a lens-less digital in-line holography setup is applied to measure the morphology and size of three kinds of solid particles (Wollastonite Powder, Pearl Mica Powder and Solder Powder), whose sizes range from several to hundreds of micrometers. The statistics of equivalent diameter, aspect ratio and circularity are introduced to describe the morphology and dimension of each kind of particles. Microscopic images of the particles are taken to verify the accuracy of measurements with DIH. The results measured from DIH are in good agreements with results from microscopic images.

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