Because most fast-response pressure sensitive paints (PSP) suffer from temperature sensitivity, causing large error in pressure measurement when spatial non-uniformity of pressure distribution is large. In this study, the two methods of composite measurement of temperature and pressure by using the segment painting of PSP and TSP, and Dual-layer PSP/TSP (DL-PTSP), are applied to measurement of pressure distribution on inner surface of casing of test axial compressor, by using transparent method. We apply a paintable fast-response PSP composed of PtTFPP and silica nanoparticles and polymer-based TSP composed of Ru-phen and PMMA, with opaque, oxygen permeable overcoat, in order to enhance the luminescence intensity of PSP and TSP and avoid overlaying image of rotors inside the casing. When segmented-painting method of PSP and TSP is applied, pitch-wise symmetry is assumed. Therefore, asymmetric temperature distribution causes error in temperature compensation. On the other hand, DL-PTSP method can be used for asymmetric conditions, but sequential measurement of pressure and temperature may cause error in temperature compensation, when temperature distribution on the surface is nonstationary.

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