In its simplest implementation, patent-protected AeroMINE consists of two opposing foils, where a low-pressure zone is generated between them. The low pressure draws fluid through orifices in the foil surfaces from plenums inside the foils. The inner plenums are connected to ambient pressure. If an internal turbine-generator is placed in the path of the flow to the plenums, energy can be extracted. The fluid transports the energy through the plenums, and the turbine-generator can be located at ground level, inside a controlled environment for easy access and to avoid inclement weather conditions or harsh environments. This contained internal turbine-generator has the only moving parts in the system, isolated from people, birds and other wildlife. AeroMINEs could be used in distributed-wind energy settings, where the stationary foil pairs are located on warehouse rooftops, for example. Flow created by several such foil pairs could be combined to drive a common turbine-generator.

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