Density stratification is formed in the natural environment such as the lake water system due to the temperature difference of surface water and deep water, leading the damage of lake ecosystem. To dispel the density stratification, several researches in using liquid and gas phase jet to destruct and mix the density stratification was conducted. However, the effect in using gas-liquid two-phase jet to mix the density stratification has not been clarified.

In this study, we performed the mixing experiments of density stratification with stained water and salt water. Based on the visualization method and the image processing, the density changing during the experiment was obtained in quantitatively and the dimensionless density distribution was built. Furthermore, the influence of air lift pipe in mixing was investigated.

From the density distribution, we classified the result into three kinds of mixed behavior by analyzing the temporal transition of density stratification. Additionally, the mixing pattern with air lift pipe connected with the distance between the nozzle and the entrance of pipe.

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