Torque is one of the most important operating parameters of centrifugal pumps which reflects the internal flow rate of centrifugal pumps. In order to explore the unsteady characteristics of torque of centrifugal pumps based on sensorless monitoring technology, a series of accurate measurements of torque of experimental centrifugal pump were carried on based on the test data collected. The frequency characteristic spectrums of torque were established and analyzed under different operation conditions. The analysis results shows that the torque of the experimental centrifugal pump varies approximately linearly with the increase of flow rate in time domain. Besides, a gentle trend of the torque fluctuation is also founded. Through frequency domain, the analysis results show that the dominant frequencies under different flow rates and cavitation conditions are all axial frequencies. The magnitude of amplitude has nothing to do with the flow rates or the cavitation conditions, and the internal flow rates of centrifugal pumps have no obvious effects on the fundamental frequency of torque of centrifugal pumps.

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