In this study, flow over a pair of vane-type vortex generator is investigated by solving the Navier–Stokes equation. A pair of the vane-type vortex generator implemented on a slip wall in laminar flow is considered so that the problem setting could be simple. The Reynolds number based on freestream quantities and the height of the vanes is set to be 500. The effect of the arrangement and geometry of vanes on the circulation coefficients, induced flow velocities, and aerodynamic force coefficients of VGs are investigated. In addition, a new non-dimensional circulation coefficient, normalized by freestream velocity and the height of the vortex core was introduced and its effectiveness is examined. This new parameter, CΓ’, include the height of the vortex core, so that appears to be a better measure of VG effectiveness on momentum exchange. From the computational results, the wider arrangement can introduce the effective vortices with small drag. Also, the longer vanes can introduce strong and effective vortices with smaller drag coefficient.

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