Reduction of aerodynamic drag is a big subject for vehicle development from the point of view of the global environment conservation. On the other hand, the optimization of vehicle body for less aerodynamic drag strictly defines the body shape and limits the freedom of design. Therefore, novel flow control technology is desired to enable small aerodynamic drag with excellent design. In the present study, a dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuator is installed on a simplified vehicle model with the round-shaped rear end to control the flow around the rear end for drag reduction. Experiments are conducted with the model (L840mm × H300mm × W300mm) in a Gottingen type wind tunnel with a ground plate. Reynolds number is fixed at 1,200,000, corresponding to a freestream velocity of approximately 20 m/s. Aerodynamic force, surface pressure near the rear edge, and total pressure and velocity field are measured. In the result of aerodynamic force measurement, driving plasma actuator successfully achieves 3% drag reduction at the most. Flow field measurement of total pressure and two-component velocity shows the difference of vortex structure near the rear end between off and on. Plasma actuation in this study can move the vortex structure away from the body surface rather than suppress the vortex or circulation.

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