Upcoming Energy related Products (ErP) regulations on wastewater pumps by the European Commission will affect all pump manufacturers and operators of wastewater systems. Hence, the preparation of efficiency standards for wastewater pumps is intensively accompanied by input from the affected stakeholders and experts of different fields [1]. The previous approaches of ErP regulations, as in lot 11 (Electric motors, Ventilation fans, Circulators in buildings, Electric pumps), focus only on efficiency. However, when applying the philosophy of Ecodesign directly to wastewater pumps, the complex flow structure and the transport behaviour of this inhomogeneous multi-phase fluid must be taken into account.

While efficiency is an important criterion, it is necessary to take the specifics of sewage transport into account when designing a new test standard, so as not to compromise on proven and “system-efficient” technologies. Therefore, the Berlin Institute of Technology is currently investigating wastewater compositions and limits for reliable pump operation in order to design a test standard for wastewater pumps comparable to the DIN EN ISO 9906 efficiency tests for clear water [2]. The test will assess the functional fulfilment level of the pump performance, differentiating between the wastewater classes.

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