Jet flow issued into two-layer density-stratified fluid in a cylindrical tank is numerically simulated. Vortex in cell (VIC) method combined with an Immersed Boundary (IB) method, which is presented by the current authors, is applied to the simulation. The upper and lower fluids are water and a NaCl-water solution, respectively, and the lower fluid is issued vertically upward from a nozzle on the bottom of the tank. The Reynolds number Re defined by the jet velocity and the nozzle diameter ranges from 95 to 1188, and the mass concentration of the NaCl-water solution C0 is set at 0 and 0.02. The simulation highlights that the jet behavior relative to the density interface and the resultant mixing phenomena depend on Re. Such simulated results are confirmed to agree well with the experimentally visualized ones, demonstrating the validity of the present simulation method.

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