Water is a limited and vital resource, so it should not be wasted by pollution. A development of new water purification technology is urgent nowadays since the original and biological treatments are not sufficient. And, they have some disadvantages such as sludge. Thus, the detailed experimental data about the development of the water purifier with a cavitation nozzle (venturi-type tube) and electrodes using an electrochemical technology, so called electrolysis were analyzed in this study. Two platinum-coated titanium meshes were used as electrodes, and DC voltage was supplied on the electrodes. Optimum electrode interval and applied power were determined for the electrolysis of indigo carmine solutions. And then, the optimized electrodes were installed in the venturi-type tube for generating cavitation. The cavitation effect of water could be enhanced by the bubbly flow induced by the electrolysis of the electrodes without any byproduct. Finally, the prototype of the water purifier with the electrodes and the cavitation nozzle was developed, and its advantages for the purification and removal of algal bloom were confirmed. As a result, the energy saving and high efficient water purifier was fabricated in this study.

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