The purpose of this study is to study the thermal characteristics of mechanical seal under high temperature and high viscosity media, to provide a basis for the thermal deformation studies of the sealing ring and the effective control of flushing fluid. The mechanical seal ring (AR201 type) was taken as the research object, the combined effect of frictional heat, shear heat, flushing fluid was considered to establish of heat transfer calculation model. The finite element method was used to analysis temperature field with variable speed, different temperature and pressure of flushing fluid, the results show that the maximum temperature was nearby the center of the contact surface of the rotational ring and stational ring, which increases sharply with the speed increasing. The temperature gradient of stationary ring face ranges greater than that of the rotational ring.

The average temperature of axial section decreases along the axis, which of stational ring reduces faster than the rotational ring. The temperature of end surface increases with the increasing temperature and pressure of flushing fluid. To ensure the flushing effect of the sealing ring and operation steadily, fluid temperature was preference between 14 ° C ∼ 18 ° C, pressure of 0.8MPa ∼ 0.9MPa.

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