In the Republic of Korea, research on staged-combustion cycle liquid propellant rocket engines (LPRE) is proceeding to improve efficiency of rocket engines. Recently oxidizer-rich preburner using single triplex injector is developed in relation to the main injector development and combustion tests have been performed. This preburner is designed to operate in nominal conditions with the combustion pressure of 10 MPa, OF ratio of 60. For a stable ignition, LOx is fed in two steps. Triethylaluminum-Triethylborane (TEAB) is used as hypergolic fuel for ignition, supplied through a fuel injector.

Despite the small amount of fuel flow rate and high pressure condition, the combustion pressure was stably maintained around 10 MPa as designed. As a result of Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) of the combustion chamber dynamic pressure, 1L mode frequencies related to the acoustic instability and hydraulic resistance exist in the combustion chamber. But their amplitudes are less than 1% of the combustion pressure and it does not affect the combustion. Therefore combustion test is stably completed.

In the near future, coupled tests with uni-element triplex injector preburner and uni-element gas/liquid injector main combustion chamber will be carried out.

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