This paper focuses on the numerical simulation of Sandia National Laboratories “the piloted methane/air burner flame D.” Large Eddy Simulation and 2-scalar flamelet approach are applied for the turbulent and partially premixed combustion field, which is expressed by the LES filtered equations of scalar G for tracking the flame surfaces and mixture fraction of a fuel and an oxidizer. The flamelet data consists of temperature, specific volume and laminar flame speed are calculated by the detail chemical reaction with GRI-Mech 3.0. Two kinds of flamelet data are validated; one is “equilibrium flamelet data” calculated by 0-dimensional equilibrium solution based on equilibrium model; the other is “diffusion flamelet data” calculated by 1-dimensional counter flow solution based on laminar flamelet model. Consequently, the “diffusion flamelet data” gives better result in this type of combustion field.

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