This paper research the influence of cascade dense degree and airfoil placed angle on hydralic performance of axial flow pump blades. Which combines the numerical optimization technology with the advanced CFD simulation technique, replaces designers’ experience by mathematical models for controlling of the blade design direction. Finally, a platform for of the optimization design of axial-flow pump blades is built in this paper. The platform which based on the multidisciplinary optimization software iSIGHT is to design and optimize the axial flow blades. The automatic optimization design platform for axial-flow blade was established, in which the parameterization modeling, mesh, flow computation and numerical optimization are combined together. The use of the numerical simulation software CFD for disciplinary analysis improved the reliability and accuracy of the results of the prediction model. Found the approximate geometric design parameters of the design conditions based on numerical simulation, and the technology of numerical optimization was used for constrained optimized analysis based on these parameters. Optimized impeller efficiency improved about 0.7% while satisfying the constraint condition, shows that the optimization method for axial flow blade base on iSIGHT platform is effective and feasible. Meanwhile, the optimization method can greatly shorten the design cycle, reduce design cost optimization.

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