Fluid flow around two square cylinders of equal size arranged in staggered configuration is investigated using Fluent. The centre-to-centre pitch ratio is considered to be constant (P/D = 2) and the angle of incidence is varying from 0° to 90°. This simulation is carried out at Reynolds number Re = 100 (Re= UD/v, where U is the free stream velocity, D is side of both the square cylinders and v is the kinematic viscosity of fluid) which lies in the periodic vortex shedding regime. The geometry of the flow problem is developed using Gambit software, which also helps to impose the boundary conditions of the flow domain. In the present work, instantaneous vortex dynamics for the staggered arrangement are discussed thoroughly along with aerodynamics forces and Strouhal frequency (St). When compared with previously published results, it reveals that Fluent is capable to generate almost identical results at least for laminar periodic vortex shedding regime.

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