Flow through centrifugal pump casing is highly complex in nature due to the complex geometry of the casing. While simplified two dimensional modeling of pump casing reveals the overall flow pattern and pressure distribution, a complete 3D model of pump casing is essential to fully capture the interaction of the primary main stream flow and the secondary flows especially in areas of heavy recirculation.

This paper presents steady state finite element simulation of multi-size particulate slurry flow through three dimensional pump casing. The flow field and concentration distribution is presented for different cross-sectional planes. The multi-size particulate flow simulation results are compared with two mono-size particle simulations using (1) the concentration weighted mean diameter of the slurry and (b) the D50 size of the slurry. Qualitative comparison is made with the wear rate predicted by the simulations and the field data. Simulations and field data show that at low flow rates, the side-wall gouging wear near the tongue region becomes significant.

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