This paper study on a JSW10 Self-priming jet pump, in order to improve the performance of the pump, using the method of orthogonal test design test [1–2] and selecting the ejector throat diameter D1, outlet diameter of the diffusion tube D2, the outlet width of impeller b2, the number of blades z as the impact factors. Then design orthogonal test of four factors and three levels. Using the k–ε turbulence model provided by CFD on the whole flow field numerical calculation. According to the Q-H curves of the tests. Only judge by the standard of head, the optimal solution is test7, followed by test2;while if only judge by the efficiency test2 is the optimal scheme, test7 is the sub-optimal solution. Application analysis of range obtained that the best level combination for head curves is A1B1C3D1 and the best level combination for hydraulic efficiency is A1B1C3D1. Then through numerical results prove the correctness.Analyzing the test data at the rated flow point.Get the order of the factor affecting on head is C>D>B>A while the order on the efficiency is C>A>B>D. This analysis method has a certain reference value for the structure optimization of self-priming jet pumps to make ejector and centrifugal impeller fit perfect to improve the performance.

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