Based on mixture model, the numerical simulation of solid-liquid two-phase flow in a double channel pump (Specific speed ns = 81) was carried out. The effects of particle diameter, particle volume fraction and flow rate on solid volume concentration distribution, relative velocity distribution and abrasion characteristics were studied. The results reveal that in the impeller, more particles concentrate at the nut of the shaft end and the edge of the impeller outlet. So those regions are worn seriously. The abrasive types are sliding wear on the impeller outlet edge and impact wear on the nut respectively. In the wall of the volute, the concentrated areas of particles move round the anticlockwise direction when the mixture flow rate is larger. The reason is the mixture velocity is larger as the flow rate increases, and meanwhile the centrifugal force and gravity force are invariable. So the particles move round the impeller rotational direction consequently. In the volute, particles concentrate on the tongue and wall region, especially on the sections I, II, V and VII. So the areas are easily worn out. The abrasive type is the heavy sliding wear in the volute wall. Numerical simulation results are consistent with the actual situation. It follows that the calculating method is feasible.

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