The MCFC system of BOP (Balance of Plant) is contained various mechanical equipments. One of the equipments of the heat exchangers is important component for efficiency and cost. In MCFC system, several heat exchangers are used according to the application. Most typical heat exchanger is the humidifier in BOP for MCFC, which is named for the humidifier because it is to preheat the fuel and water so that a reactor will convert some of the incoming fuel to hydrogen. Then, hot side fluid service is used the exhausted gas from the fuel cell and cold side fluid service is the fuel and water. The operation temperature range is about 25∼500 Celsius Degree.[1] This heat exchanger has the problems of multiphase fluid and phase change heat transfer. So it is necessary to analyze the heat transfer characteristics and to propose the reasonable design methodology for the humidifier. In this study, the thermal characteristic for the humidifier is estimated by using commercial tool of heat exchanger design, rating and simulation. Also this study presents the results for test facility of fabrication and for testing.

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