In order to research the influence laws of the main geometrical parameters of auxiliary impeller and different operation conditions on the centrifugal pump with an auxiliary impeller, which aimed to act as dynamic seal, the orthogonal experiment was designed with four factors and three values. The factors respectively are auxiliary impeller axial clearance, blade width, outlet diameter and blade number. With simulation by Fluent, major and minor factors were investigated which influence the performance of the centrifugal pump with an auxiliary impeller. The cases with optimization sealing pressure value and optimization efficiency were obtained and it was proved by the experimental results. Then, two optimization cases and the original case were simulated and analyzed. The research results show that the major factor of auxiliary impellers for the pump efficiency is the outlet diameter. For sealing pressure head of auxiliary impellers, the major factor is the outlet diameter of auxiliary impeller and the axial clearance and blade number of the auxiliary impeller are secondary important factors. For the optimization of centrifugal pumps with an auxiliary impeller, numerical orthogonal tests can replace actual orthogonal tests.

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