WCNS is an efficient high-resolution nonlinear scheme for solving flow-fields including discontinuity. In the present paper, a two-dimensional, unsteady, compressible flow field produced by the interaction between a strong planar shock wave and a strong vortex are simulated numerically using WCNS. The simulation shows the effects of the vortex on a planar shock and the production of acoustic waves by the shock-vortex interaction. At the early times of interaction, the shock wave is perturbed by the vortex and a precursor is produced; with the shock wave emerges from the vortex flow field, a Mach structure was generated and the secondary acoustic wave was formed by the interaction of the reflected shock (MR2) with the precursor. Both components of acoustic wave (the precursor and the second sound wave) propagate radially and have a quadrupolar nature. By this simulation, the ability of WCNS for computational aeroacoustic problems is confirmed.

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