The separation flow causes the decrease of the driving efficiency of the fluid machines. It is important to control the separation on the bluff body, boundary layer and so on. The purpose of the present study is to control the separation on a circular cylinder and investigate the wake structure using the induced by dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) plasma. The electrode of the DBD plasma was mounted. In previous study, it is reported that the three dimensional wake structures are effective for the drag reduction. We investigate the three dimensional structure of the wake due to three dimensional jets of plasma actuators. The plasma actuators have pulse driving frequency of 0, 0.22, 1.0 and 2.0. A voltage of 4 kVpp and a frequency of 10 kHz are applied to the electrode. The velocity profiles behind the circular cylinder were measured by X type hot-wire anemometer at a Reynolds number of 1.0 × 103. The wake structure changes because the roll up of vortex is suppressed using pulse driving of the plasma actuators. The effect of plasma actuators is evaluated based on the half width and Reynolds stress in the wake.

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