Experiments were performed to investigate the effect of an adverse pressure gradient on the mean velocity and turbulent intensity profiles for an equilibrium boundary layer. The equilibrium boundary layer, which makes self-similar profiles, was constructed using a power law distribution of free stream velocity. The exponent of the law was adjusted to −0.188. The wall shear stress was measured with a drag balance by a floating element. The investigation of the law of the wall and the similarity of the streamwise turbulent intensity profile was made using both a friction velocity and new proposed velocity scale. The velocity scale is derived from the boundary layer equation. The mean velocity gradient profile normalized with the height and the new velocity scale exists the region where the value is almost constant. The turbulent intensity profiles normalized with the friction velocity strongly depend on the nondimensional pressure gradient near the wall. However, by mean of the local velocity scale, the profiles might be achieved to be similar with that of a zero pressure gradient.

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