Pressure sensitive paint (PSP) and temperature sensitive paint (TSP) are useful measurement tools in measurement of pressure and temperature distribution on surfaces in airflows, and application of PSP and TSP in relatively low speed flow fields is highly demanded. However, temperature dependence of PSP will be the factor of an error in the pressure measurement, and therefore the temperature compensation is needed to obtain highly precise pressure distribution. To solve this problem, we apply new combining method. This is made by stacking up a PSP layer and a TSP layer. PSP emission and TSP emission can be separated each other using optical filters. Using this combining method, temperature distribution obtained by the TSP can be used for the temperature compensation of the PSP. In this research we call this combining method as “dual-layer PSP/TSP”. We clarify that the sensitivity of the dual-layer PSP/TSP in low-speed flow fields against pressure and temperature is comparable to that of mono-layer PSP or TSP, showing the feasibility of the dual-layer PSP/TSP for the measurement in low-speed flow fields with the gauge pressure below 1kPa and temperature in the range of 10–20°C (283–293K). We also clarify that, using dual-layer PSP/TSP method, the accuracy of pressure data obtained by PSP increases by compensation of temperature which is obtained by TSP.

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