A new type of self-suction sprinkler irrigation jet pump was presented in this paper. A jetted self-priming set with Venturi Tube was installed in the inlet of the pump, and the self-priming performance was improved. The valve of the jetted self-priming set shut off when the pump self-priming was finished and the pump efficiency was increased. The design method, working mechanism and structure of the pump were introduced. The experiment results of the jet aerator of the pump, the self-shutoff of the reflowing valve and performance were obtained. The results showed that the self-priming performance of the pump was principal concern with the size of the jet aerator and the pump efficiency was increased as the reflowing valve automatically closing. The efficiency of the pump is higher by 5.3%∼8.9% and the time of the self-priming is shorter by 25∼73s and the average weight is lighter by 16% than the national standard, which indicates that comprehensive technical index is on the top of international level.

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