Most of aneurysms in the cranial cavity occur at the bifurcation of anterior circulation system. A cerebral aneurysm is easily ruptured, and it is fatal for most patients. Generally it is known that aneurysm occurs when arterial wall is deformed by high pressure or high wall shear stress (WSS). A blood flow pattern and the geometry and the blood vessel are important factors for aneurysm formation and the location. The transient interaction between blood flow and the arterial wall affects for simulating deformation of the blood vessel. Thus, numerical analysis is performed for various bifurcation angles and flow rate ratio in bifurcation artery with different diameters to predict the location of aneurysm by hemodynamic characteristics of blood flow. A bifurcation angle between the internal carotid artery and the anterior cerebral artery (ACA) increased, a region of high pressure moved to the bifurcated artery with larger bifurcation angle when ratio of blood flow rate is constant case. When the ratio of blood flow increased, the region of high wall shear stress moved to the side of large flow rate ratio. Our results showed that the high WSS or high pressure region occur at the location of aneurysm as mentioned in the clinical research. Thus, this indicates that the geometry of blood vessel and blood flow rate affect the location of the anterior circulation aneurysm.

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