This paper presents the unique ocean wave power station, which is composed of the floating type platform with a pair of the floats lined up at the interval of one wave length and the counter-rotating type power unit submerged in the seawater at the middle position of the platform. Such profiles make the flow velocity through the turbines two times faster than that of the traditional OWC types, and make the turbine diameter large as possible because the rotational moment hardly acts on the platform. The previous paper verified that the station is effective to get the power from the ocean wave at the normally oscillating motion. Continuously, this paper discusses the effect of the wave length on the motion of the platform and present the flow conditions around Wells type hydraulic turbine in CFD. The platform in which the floats are at the symmetrical position to the anti-node oscillates normally irrespective of the stationary wave length. On the contrary, the platform with the floats the asymmetrically arranged or being at the progressive wave plays in the dutch-roll condition and does not get the fruitful power.

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