With the wide applications to the fields of petrochemical, military, metallurgy and mining, pumps have to subject to more and more serious working conditions. In order to avoid disaster damage caused by failure of the shaft, it is quite necessary to calculate and examine the shaft strength. A kind of two-dimensional software was developed using the secondary development tool of Object ARX, to achieve the shaft strength calculation accurately and conveniently, and which avoided the disadvantage of the traditional method. The calculation methods of shaft critical rotation speed and the static bending displacement were proposed. Theoretical analysis and calculations on the strength, rigidity, vibration and other aspects of pump shaft were conducted under shut-off condition and best efficiency point using ANSYS APDL software of static, dynamic and transient modal analysis method. The quality of pump shaft was analyzed through the comparisons of numerical results, and further more the accuracy of two-dimensional development software was validated. The practical application indicates that the shaft parts strength calculation software can improve the quality and efficiency, reduce wastage during the pump shaft design. These research achievements will also have a great application prospect.

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