Splashes generated by hydrogel sphere were simulated numerically and experimentally for investigating the effects of slip like mucus of living things. Numerical simulation using MPS (Moving Particle Semi-implicit) method was carried out. We defined the slip ratio as the swelling degree of hydrogel and installed the slip ratio into the MPS method. The swelling degree is the ratio of the weight of water against that of hydrogel. We simulated the splashes generated by the hydrogel spheres which had the different swelling degree plunging into water. As the evaluation of swelling degree on the surface of actual hydrogel spheres we also tested by using the hydrogel spheres plunging into water experimentally. The height of splash as a result of reaction of the air cavity became higher according to the increase of the swelling degree. The speed of hydrogel sphere sinking in water tank was also quicker in the numerical simulation. The reason of these results was that the velocity of water around the hydrogel sphere became quicker due to the slip on the surface.

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