Single phase steady-state Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations are presented for turbulent flow inside a Sonolator (an industrial static mixer). Methodology is given for obtaining high quality, converged, mesh-independent results. Pressures, velocities and local specific turbulent energy dissipation rates throughout the fluid domain are obtained for three industrially-relevant mass flow rates at a fixed nozzle orifice size. Discharge coefficients calculated at the orifice are compared to literature values and to pilot plant experiments for initial validation. Streamlines in the flow are used to illustrate the presence of recirculation zones after the nozzle. Thus, residence time and peak local specific turbulent energy dissipation rates are calculated from streamline data as a function of inlet position. Values of local specific turbulent energy dissipation rate obtained are used to infer drop sizes for emulsification of a multiphase mixture under dilute, homogeneous flow conditions. The results show that different drop size distributions may be produced depending on the inlet condition of the multiphase mixture.

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