The fluidic sprinkler controlled by clearance is a new type of water-saving and energy-conservation sprinkler. Different from traditional impact rotating sprinkler, a fluidic component is applied in the fluidic sprinkler, which serves not only as a discharge substance, but also as a driving mechanism instead of a complicated impact-drive mechanism. The mutual conversion between straight spray state and stepping state makes the sprinkler running. The investigation of the flow inside the fluidic component in the switching process and the stepping frequency of the sprinkler are the foundations to learn the law of fluidic control and to optimize the performance of the fluidic sprinkler. This paper carries out the simplified prototype of the fluidic component, measures the pressure distribution on the side wall under static attachment state and the pressure fluctuations during the dynamic switching process. The discrepancy between the results indicates that, previous researches on static attachment state are not applicable in switching process. The simulation of dynamic switching is carried out by UDF self-programming method with the experimental results as boundary conditions. The transient flow in the dynamic switching process is studied roughly. The distributions of the pressure, velocity, turbulence kinetic energy have been obtained.

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