In this paper, a new limiting process based on the Multi-dimensional Limiting Process, called enhanced Multi-dimensional Limiting Process is developed and tested with several cases. The enhanced Multi-dimensional Limiting Process, e-MLP has a number of useful features of MLP limiter such as multi-dimensional monotonicity and straightforward extensionality to higher order interpolation. It is applicable to local extrema and prevents excessive damping in a linear discontinuous region through application of appropriate limiting criteria. It is efficient because a limiting function is applied only to a discontinuous region. In addition, it is robust against shock instability due to the strict distinction of the computational domain and the use of regional information in a flux scheme as well as a high order interpolation scheme. The new limiting process was applied to numerous test cases. Through these tests, we could confirm that e-MLP enhances the accuracy and efficiency with both continuous and discontinuous multidimensional flows.

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