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Proceedings Papers

Volume 3: Fluid Mechanics; Micro and Nano Fluid Dynamics; Multiphase Flow

Front Matter

FEDSM 2021; V003T00A001

Fluid Mechanics

Advances in Fluids Engineering Education


Bio-Inspired and Biomedical Fluid Mechanics

Topics: Shear flow

Flow Manipulation and Active Control

Fluid Power

High-Speed Flows

Turbulent Flows

Vortex Dynamics

Micro and Nano Fluid Dynamics

Biologically Enabled Microfluidics and Biomicrofluidics

Micro- and Nanoscale Thermofluidic Science and Devices

Micro-Total-Analysis Systems (MicroTAS) and Lab-on-a-Chip Applications

Multiphase Flow

Bubble, Droplet, and Aerosol Dynamics

Erosion, Slurry, Sedimentation

Gas-Liquid Flows

Gas-Solid Flows

Interfacial Phenomena and Flows

Liquid-Solid Flows

Multiphase Flows in Petroleum Engineering

Numerical Methods for Multiphase Flows

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