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Proceedings Papers

Volume 2: Fora

6th Forum on the Transport Phenomena in Mixing

Topics: Turbulence

Forum on Advances in Free Surface and Interface Fluid Dynamics

Forum on 2006 Cavitation and Multiphase Flow

Forum on CFD Applications in Large Facilities

Topics: Ducts , Wind

Forum on Fluid Machinery

Forum on Advances in Fluids Engineering Education

Forum on Automotive Flows

Forum on Flow Applications in the Process Industries

Forum on High Speed Jet Flows XI

Forum on Lubricated Flows Between Solid Surfaces: Applications in Mechanical Engineering, Bio-Mechanics, and Micro-Fluidics


Forum on Microfluidics Devices and Systems

Forum on Multiphase Flow of Biological Interest

Forum on Flow Boiling and Condensation

Forum on the Control of Separated Flows

Forum on the Prediction of the Aero-Acoustics Noise Generated by Turbomachines

Forum on Micropumps

Forum on Nonlinear Processes in Fluid Mechanics: Stability, Waves, Chaos

Forum on Quality and Reliability in the Industrial Application of CFD

Forum on Fluid Measurements and Instrumentation

Topics: Jets , Wakes
FEDSM 2006; 993-1002doi:
FEDSM 2006; 1003-1012doi:
FEDSM 2006; 1013-1021doi:
FEDSM 2006; 1023-1028doi:
FEDSM 2006; 1029-1035doi:
FEDSM 2006; 1037-1044doi:
FEDSM 2006; 1045-1053doi:
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