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Proceedings Papers

Volume 1: Symposia, Parts A and B

Symposium on Microbubble and Polymer Friction Drag Reduction

2nd Symposium on Measurements in Opaque Fluids

Symposium on Fundamental Issues and Perspectives in Fluid Mechanics

2nd Symposium on the Measurement and Modeling of Large-Scale Turbulent Structures

10th Symposium on Algorithmic Developments in CFD

6th International Symposium on Fluid-Structure Interaction and Flow-Induced Noise in Industrial Applications

10th International Symposium on Gas-Particle Flows

9th International Symposium on Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow

9th International Symposium on Liquid-Solid Flows

Symposium on Flows in Manufacturing Processes

5th International Symposium on Pumping Machinery

Symposium on Advances in Numerical Modeling of Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics in Turbomachinery

5th International Symposium on Fluid Power

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