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Proceedings Papers

Volume 4: Fluid Measurement and Instrumentation; Micro and Nano Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Measurement and Instrumentation

Data Processing/Algorithms in Fluid Measurements

Experimental Facilities in Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Dynamics of Wind Energy

Fluid Measurement and Instrumentation

Noninvasive Measurements in Single and Multiphase Flows

Topics: Bubbles

Novel Techniques and Uncertainty Quantification in Fluid Mechanics

Volumetric or Tomographic Techniques in Fluids Mechanics

Micro and Nano Fluid Dynamics

Biologically Enabled Microfluidics and Biomicrofluidics

Digital or Droplet Microfluidics

Topics: Drops

Micro-Total-Analysis Systems (MicroTAS) and Lab-on-a-Chip Applications

Micro/Nano Fabrication Techniques for Microfluidics System

Modelling and Simulation in Microfluidics

Sensors and Transducers for Microfluidic Applications

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