Simultaneous carbonation and sulphation have been investigated to simulate non-calcining conditions at FBC temperatures (750–850°C) using an atmospheric-pressure thermogravimetric reactor (TGR) with up to 80% CO2 in the gas stream to extend the pressure range of applicability of the results. This investigation was undertaken to provide insight on simultaneous carbonation and sulphation and to provide knowledge relevant to FBC, including PFBC, operations. Two calcium-based sorbents (one limestone and one dolomite) were tested with particles of diameter 212–250 μm and 500–600 to determine the effects of operating conditions such as temperature, CO2 and SO2 concentrations, particle size and reaction time on the sorbent performance. SO2 was found to impede CO2 capture; on the other hand, CO2 enhanced the capture of SO2. The calcination rate was also observed to decrease as a result of the presence of the sulphate layer.

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